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Posted by Peak Realty on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 3:00pm.


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As agents, we're already so busy handling a million different things to get our clients to the closing table. Do we really have time to create video content??  Many agents say "No"!  Some common objections to creating video content are:


  • Lack of technical experience
  • Don't like the way they look on camera
  • Seems overly complicated
  • Difficult to track ROI
  • Too expensive
  • No time to create content

Technology & Message

Agent Video Peak RealtyAs technology improves, savvy agents are getting more comfortable creating video content for their listings and personal brand. Social media platforms like Instagram Stories, facebook Live and Google Hangouts are making it easier to create & share content with different audiences.

Since video is being consumed online constantly and at a growing pace (many people are in their social media feeds an average of 4 hours/day), consumers often view a company's video content for months to get to know the brand before making a buy/no-buy decision. In a nutshell, brands that utilize online video consistently are trusted more by those in the public who value authenticity, transparency and educational opportunities offered via online video.

Interesting content that includes 3-D virtual tours, drone photography & videography...these are all great ideas for real estate entrepreneurs, and we'll be looking into these areas closely in the near future. What we'd like to see even more in our industry are 3-4 minute mini-documentaries (think HGTV storytelling) that highlight all sorts of topics like:

  • How Realtors serve their clients & run their businesses
  • Neighborhood stories and resident's varied lifestyles
  • Local business owners, their businesses and the clientele they serve
  • Real estate agent's personal stories / personal brand
  • New marketing techniques & technology being used to sell homes

So...if video is so important, which online platforms are best for agents and how often should the agent post new content? Also, what types of content have the most impact and get the most social reach?  At the end of the day, it's all about engaging with people...we often do private messaging in facebook & LinkedIn after we send out a piece of content, as well as call/email folks who are curious about what we're doing & want to learn more.

Best Approach with Video

Agent with camera - Peak Realty The key is to document rather than create. At Peak Realty, we've used a web cam for most of our agent training content!  Going forward, we'd like to create mini-documentaries featuring our agents, highlight local businesses and offer residents a better (and more fun) picture of our communities and the lives of people in our neighborhoods.  

Who knows...maybe we'll get picked up by HGTV someday!  More to follow soon regarding the specifics of how we're using video for our business. We want to bring a unique, fresh blend of storytelling to our buyer & seller clients, agents and business community. We'll always be ourselves, authentic and unedited...well, for the most part. ;)  The videos below have really been more of an experiment up to this point...we'll be changing / upping our game quite a bit going forward!


Sample Videos

Educational Message - Sellers

Realtor Day in the Life Series

Funny Outtakes / Humor

Agent Social Invite - Finished product


Audio/Video Podcast Episode


Interview Approach - Mostly Audio


Charity Interview


Charity - Fun



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