The Why, What and How of True Motivation

Posted by Keelan McCamey on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 at 6:39pm.

Key Takeaways:      

  • Some agents entering the real estate industry seem to defy conventional wisdom of what it takes to succeed. Why is this group of agents getting better results? We believe it has to do with how these agents run their brains; basically, their outlook and the actions they take on a daily basis.
  • In a popular Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, he talks about the Why, What and How of communication by both individuals and company brands alike. He claims that companies that begin with an aspirational “Why” before getting to the specifics of the “How” and “What” results in a better connection with clients. Once a meaningful connection is made, whatever detailed information about the product or service that gets communicated to the customer ends up supporting that customer's initial “Why” much better. This makes total sense...figure out one's motivation initially, then tie back your offering to their motivation.  He calls this idea the Golden Circle, showing that the Why, How & What is essentially how people make choices everyday. 
  • Sinek then overlays this simple concept with another already known concept called the Law of Diffusion of Innovation, where he shows a bell curve outlining how human behavior plays out over time for adoption of a new market idea, new business, new product, etc. Some consumers jump in at the outset of anything new, such as an iPhone release (Innovators and Early Adopters are first to try the latest product or service), while most folks wait to see if it’s safe to jump in, after they see others go first. These more analytical types (the Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards) are watching and waiting to gather more evidence before making any new buy decision.
  • How can we apply these lessons to what we experience in the real estate industry? Well, human behavior is fairly predictable and we can see these truths play out in our brokerage. One year following our brokerage’s launch, we’re currently attracting Innovators and Early Adopters since they see the long-term opportunity and want to be first to the game. Over time, we’ll undoubtedly bring on agents who perceive safety in a company with more agents. This is just human nature. One of the challenges we’ll face going forward is maintaining an innovative culture with the addition of more agents. We're looking for the best of the best.
  • How can Simon Sinek's information be used to great effect in the real estate industry? Simple…in all communications, Realtors should lead with questions that get to other’s motivations. This results in truly knowing your clients.  This intimate knowledge creates a new level of trust and is the first step to delivering a higher level of service. Once trust is in place, the "How" and "What" tend to show up naturally and with less effort.

The Why, What and How of True Motivation 

Final Thoughts

What is the driving force behind what you do?  What truly motivates you?  Said another way, what is the underlying “Why” for you, both on a personal level and for your company? Here’s something we came up with for Peak Realty:

Peak Realty - Our “Why”

“Everything we do…we believe in helping our agents create more freedom in their lives, a better lifestyle and more meaningful life inside & outside of real estate. We believe in approaching real estate differently.”

Peak Realty - Our “How” & “What”

“We help to create freedom for our agents by 1) training, mentoring and coaching them to become thought leaders in the industry, 2) give them all of the tools they’ll require for their journey in order to succeed at whatever level they choose, and 3) help them develop better relationships with their clients.

Our industry just happens to be real estate, yet we’re really here to help agents create a Big Life, whatever this means to them.”


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Thank you!
Keelan McCamey, Realtor
Peak Realty

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