The Top 5 Reasons Agents Join Peak Realty

Posted by Peak Realty on Friday, December 16th, 2016 at 6:57am.

Top Reasons Agents Join Peak RealtyNot all companies are equal and not all real estate brokerages view the industry (and the world!) the same way. Here are just some of the reasons why agents are drawn to join Peak Realty. 

1) The culture of abundance, education, and positive interactions. There are no silos here. While every agent is an independent contractor, and ultimately responsible for the growth of their own business, we purposefully support each other’s learning and growth.

2) Coaching, training and masterminding are built in. Peak Realty keeps a low overhead so that agents can benefit from on site group sessions several times a week, as well as the opportunity to schedule private sessions for more in-depth training on specific areas needed for their business.

3) Technology that makes everything from marketing to completing the paperwork of transactions a breeze. Peak Realty has all of the tech and systems of a large, national brokerage so agents can spend time working with clients instead of being distracted by shiny objects. If you have an idea, just ask! The system to implement it is likely already in-house.

4) An equal opportunity to earn passive income with the unique bonus structure. This one is best explained in person because it truly is like nothing else offered by other local brokerages. Agents who help grow the organization receive healthy incentives for doing so.

5) Peak Realty's growth is by invitation only to protect the culture. The goal is not grow through high agent numbers.  Peak will grow through agent productivity, which is only capable when the culture is carefully tended and agents are surrounded by others with a similar mindset aPeak Realty Successnd values.

Every Wednesday at 11 we have an educational training and it often turns into a mini-mastermind. It is a great, no-pressure way to get to know what Peak Realty is truly about! Agents (or individuals getting their real estate license soon) are welcome to reach out and see if there’s room to attend the weekly meeting!  

To find out more, reach out to me at 303-596-8886. You can also stalk our YouTube page to get a feel for the culture at Peak Realty.

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