Ten Mindset Pitfalls Real Estate Agents Must Avoid!

Posted by Peak Realty on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at 5:49pm.

How does an agent's mindset impact their success or failure? What is an agent's relationship to their own words, and how does this self-awareness (or lack thereof) affect others?  In this video, Keelan explores mindset challenges for entrepreneurs; in particular, discussing 10 mindset pitfalls that agents must avoid.

10 Mindset Pitfalls to Avoid:

1) Generally, when an agent is motivated by fear along with developing a list of "reasons" why certain realities occur in their life again & again, they get stuck in a rut. The agent believes in their reality, yet may NOT be willing to do something different in order to change things to achieve a different result in their business. Usually coupled with limited action on the part of the agent, along with creating excuses and focusing on blaming external sources.

Solution: Get into action and develop a mindset of moving toward a stated goal.

2) A mindset or goal of trying to figure out the minimum amount of work to do, rather than approaching a challenge from the vantage point of how to offer the most value to as many people as possible.

Solution: Work full time, 50+ hours/week to build a sustainable business, using a proven system with proven results and implement consistently over time.

3) Views activities as "mutually exclusive". This is a common problem where the agent believes that doing one activity (for example, learning) is a justification for NOT doing another activity (for example, lead generation). With this, the agent's Ego is out of balance and not serving them in a productive way. 

Solution: Learn while you earn; basically, walk & chew gum at the same time! Schedule BOTH money-making activities AND learning activities. Make both happen in order to raise level of client service.

4) Continuity with Words & Actions not jiving with the agent. As such, trust erodes over time with colleagues and clients.

Solution: Do what you say you’re going to do, and get a performance coach to help with accountability.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Asking for help is a sign of strength since in reality we ALL need help to truly improve.

5) A lack of follow through, often accompanied by the agent searching for "easy" answers to problems, usually a desire find a path of the least work possible. This often leads to an inability to self-generate leads...the agent has a lack of long-term follow-through.

Solution: Get a coach, and possibly re-examine the lead generation activities you’re currently doing. You may not be focusing on activities you’re passionate about… 

6) Agent lacks curiosity and is not learning-based. With this approach, the agent may engage in other, less productive behaviors to reach short-term, "shallow" goals, such as continually seeking comfort or rest (i.e., lazy habits).

Solution: There’s IQ, EQ and CQ (curiosity quotient). Be aware of how Ego can get in the way of learning, stay humble and always be learning. Albert Einstein once said: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

7) A continual focus on differences & what does NOT work. Someone who has a tendency to always bring up reasons why something won't work, with no discussion or suggestions for improvement, likely won't possess a problem-solving mindset.

Solution: Focus on what DOES work, and create a habit of communicating this. A focus on solving problems will help with staying focused on implementing key activities.

8) Inflexibility with schedule, disagreeable nature, general lack of concern about colleagues and/or material presented, and/or not coachable.

Solution: Life happens. Be flexible and allow for uncertainty in your schedule, including both learning and $ making activities. Clients deserve the best service possible.

9) A continual focus on other's weaknesses, all in an effort to change others in a passive-aggressive fashion, to lower the status quo, or for some other misguided reason to make themselves look better.

Solution: Focus on strengths when dealing with high performers. High performers don’t dwell on their weaknesses and instead focus on developing their strengths.

10) Being overly distant, generally unavailable, or not interested in colleagues or the mission of the organization. 

Solution: Do the job and pay it forward to others. A mastermind is a FUN way to share with others and to make a real difference in the lives of colleagues. We are a real estate family who supports one another, and we're always learning.

It’s wise to be aware when negative mindset issues arise. Self-awareness is key so that the organization can move forward with the right folks on the bus, and so that our clients are served at the highest levels!

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