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What can you expect when selling your home?

I've put together a Seller Guide to give you an overview of several things to consider when selling your most valuable asset.

Hiring a knowledgeable agent is at the top of the list since he or she will be able to more smoothly guide you through the process. Your Realtor should provide you with a detailed market analysis with comparable sold properties. Also, he or she should offer you information on the local market, selling costs, real estate contracts, advertising, marketing, potential legal pitfalls, setting list price, negotiations, moving, Realtor commissions and more. The agent should be an experienced guide...your Real Estate Sherpa, so to speak.  

With an experienced agent following a proven

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Listing ConsultationAll Realtors are independent contractors who hang their real estate licenses at a brokerage registered with the Colorado Real Estate Commission.


Acting as an agent for my clients, I have a high level of fiduciary responsibility to represent my client's best interests, above my own. I take this very seriously!


In this video, I cover items from my Listing Consultation and briefly discuss why some of these items are important to my sellers.


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The Big Moving Checklist

The Big Moving Checklist covers over 100 checkpoints that you should be aware of starting 8 weeks before your move and ending the day you move into your next home.

CLICK HERE to Download our Moving Guide, or click the image above!


Keelan McCamey, Realtor

Keelan McCamey

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Mortgage Lender

The mortgage lender you choose in this market is one of the most important factors in making sure you have a smooth transaction. Do you know what to look for in a good lender, and which lenders actually can get you all the way to closing with the least amount of stress? I do!



Keelan McCamey, Realtor

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5 Reasons to Sell Your Home This YearHere is a quick countdown of 5 reasons why you may consider selling your home this year. Watch the video for more details!

5) You have equity in your home.

4) Your neighborhood is HOT!

3) You want low maintenance living.

2) You are outgrowing your current home.

1) Your life is changing. 

NOW is a great time to sell, whether you want to move to a bigger home, smaller home, different school district, or a different town. The Denver market is a Seller's Market and nearly everyone has plenty of equity in their home. 



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I get asked all the time, "How is the market?" Well, that really depends. The market is different if you are looking to buy, sell, or invest. It also varies based on neighborhood, price range and condition of the home you are looking for. Here are some general stats on the current Denver, Colorado housing market. If you want to discuss the market specific to your goals, feel free to contact me and we can schedule a Seller or Buyer Consultation.

January 2017 Denver Housing Market Report stats for both attached and detached single family homes from December 2016.

December 2016 Denver Detached Single Family Homes

December 2016 Denver Attached Single Family Homes


In the market to buy or sell?  Please consider reaching out!

Keelan McCamey, Realtor
Peak Realty

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Remodel ProjectsI get asked a lot about which remodel projects are worth investing in for resale value down the road. It is important to realize that every transaction is different, so you can't 100% rely on what some arbitrary (although well researched) list of information says. However, the information provided here is from a reputable, professional source and definitely worth considering. 

See below for the average 2016 job costs of several home improvement and maintenance projects and how that can affect resale value. Looking at this information, you will see that completing these projects will add to an increased value in the Buyers mind and therefore the likelihood of higher overall sales price of your property. However, be cautioned that each home is unique and

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