Remodel Projects With the Highest Recouped Costs

Posted by Peak Realty on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 at 8:18am.

Remodel ProjectsI get asked a lot about which remodel projects are worth investing in for resale value down the road. It is important to realize that every transaction is different, so you can't 100% rely on what some arbitrary (although well researched) list of information says. However, the information provided here is from a reputable, professional source and definitely worth considering. 

See below for the average 2016 job costs of several home improvement and maintenance projects and how that can affect resale value. Looking at this information, you will see that completing these projects will add to an increased value in the Buyers mind and therefore the likelihood of higher overall sales price of your property. However, be cautioned that each home is unique and the ability to increase your sales price relies on a combination of the quality of the work completed, finishes chosen, the current real estate market, and the level of marketing done for the property. Download a printable PDF of this information now!

2016 Remodel Costs Recouped

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