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Thinking of becoming a real estate agent.You're currently frustrated in your current position and excitedly searching out a new life direction. You watch tons of HGTV and love houses. You get along with lots of different personalities, and talking to new people excites you! While real estate is portrayed on T.V. as a flexible career with fabulous commissions, you'll want to wait before spending money and time getting a real estate license. Let’s cover what you'll need to be prepared for a career in real estate.

Be Prepared in your Piggy Bank

Every business has start-up costs and on-going costs, plus a lag time before you see the fruit of your labor. Your one time start-up expenses for real estate (in Colorado) will be roughly $2,000 to $2,500. This includes real estate school, licensing,

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Attention Realtors!  Are you curious about WHY you should create content for social media, or not?  I go on a rant about social media vs. old-school lead generation approaches, and open up discussion about underlying motivators and HOW we approach building our businesses. We're only scratching the surface here...more FUN topics to follow soon on finding your true Motivation!

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As agents, we're already so busy handling a million different things to get our clients to the closing table. Do we really have time to create video content??  Many agents say "No"!  Some common objections to creating video content are:


  • Lack of technical experience
  • Don't like the way they look on camera
  • Seems overly complicated
  • Difficult to track ROI
  • Too expensive
  • No time to create content

Technology & Message

Agent Video Peak RealtyAs technology improves, savvy agents are getting more comfortable creating video content for their listings and personal brand. Social media platforms like Instagram Stories, facebook Live and Google Hangouts are making it easier to create & share content with different audiences.

Since video is

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3 Reasons Your Real Estate Offer Was Rejected

Buying real estate can be extremely emotional. After looking at several homes, you finally put an offer in on one. Truthfully, you probably have already "moved yourself in" to the home in your mind. Then you receive the news that your offer was not accepted.

The best case scenario is that you are presented with a counter offer and can get a better idea of why your offer was not appealing to the seller's. Worst case, you get no feedback. Wouldn't it be better to go into the process with an understanding of why offers to purchase real estate are often rejected? 

#1 The Price Offered Was Too Low

In our current market in the Denver Metro Area, it is not uncommon to see multiple offer situations on properties priced appropriately for the market. This

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How does an agent's mindset impact their success or failure? What is an agent's relationship to their own words, and how does this self-awareness (or lack thereof) affect others?  In this video, Keelan explores mindset challenges for entrepreneurs; in particular, discussing 10 mindset pitfalls that agents must avoid.

10 Mindset Pitfalls to Avoid:

1) Generally, when an agent is motivated by fear along with developing a list of "reasons" why certain realities occur in their life again & again, they get stuck in a rut. The agent believes in their reality, yet may NOT be willing to do something different in order to change things to achieve a different result in their business. Usually coupled with limited action on the part of the agent, along

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Top Reasons Agents Join Peak RealtyNot all companies are equal and not all real estate brokerages view the industry (and the world!) the same way. Here are just some of the reasons why agents are drawn to join Peak Realty. 

1) The culture of abundance, education, and positive interactions. There are no silos here. While every agent is an independent contractor, and ultimately responsible for the growth of their own business, we purposefully support each other’s learning and growth.

2) Coaching, training and masterminding are built in. Peak Realty keeps a low overhead so that agents can benefit from on site group sessions several times a week, as well as the opportunity to schedule private sessions for more in-depth training on specific areas needed for their business.


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JOIN US as we work with A Precious Child gather donations of brand new toys to give to those in need. Please SHARE this video and help make this a great event and holiday season! Drop off sites can be viewed at either of these two links:

A Precious Child is a wonderful, local, organization that offers many ways to help families the whole year long. Check out their site for more ways to contribute:

Keelan McCamey, Realtor
Peak Realty

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Key Takeaways from Today's Sales Training:

  • Neurolinguistic programming, or “NLP”, is a means of more effectively communicating with our clients. Some of the areas we cover in this important talk are:
  • Getting into Rapport with clients
  • Once in rapport, how we approach using NLP
  • Importance of mindset and understanding the power of suggestion in your conversations with clients
  • Maintaining integrity when using NLP

Final Thoughts
Our job is help our clients gain clarity in the selling and buying process, and to help them get what they’ve said they want.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home, or pursuing a career in real estate, feel free to contact me at your convenience:  303-709-8778.

Keelan McCamey,

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Key Takeaways:

  • Have a great real estate team in place to watch your back!
  • We want to keep everything on track to close ON TIME. 
  • Delays in the close date can lose you $ (ex. extending an interest rate lock on your new loan; rescheduling movers, etc.). This can be stressful!
  • If you have back to back closings and the first one gets delayed, it can potentially put your 2nd deal in jeopardy...ouch!
  • Some other things to avoid while under contract:
    • Don't change jobs and if you have to, call your lender immediately
    • Try not to lose your job while under contract...sometimes this one is unavoidable, for sure.  Just know the lender will verify employment up to the close date
    • Avoid any big purchases
    • Basically, while under contract
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Key Takeaways:      

  • Some real estate agents who get into the industry simply don’t like business networking. These agents may (shortsightedly) believe the following:
    • Networking events are mostly a waste of time
    • They may not believe they’re any good at networking with other business owner
    • They may think that the people at networking events are self-serving, or “smarmy” (I had to look up this word!)
    • Finally, agents may not believe they need any additional contacts above & beyond what they already have; as such, they’re comfortable with their current sphere and don’t want to take the time to continually build their database
  • Your mindset and attitude going into any lead generation activity is paramount. Business networking
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