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Attention Realtors!  Are you curious about WHY you should create content for social media, or not?  I go on a rant about social media vs. old-school lead generation approaches, and open up discussion about underlying motivators and HOW we approach building our businesses. We're only scratching the surface here...more FUN topics to follow soon on finding your true Motivation!

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As agents, we're already so busy handling a million different things to get our clients to the closing table. Do we really have time to create video content??  Many agents say "No"!  Some common objections to creating video content are:


  • Lack of technical experience
  • Don't like the way they look on camera
  • Seems overly complicated
  • Difficult to track ROI
  • Too expensive
  • No time to create content

Technology & Message

Agent Video Peak RealtyAs technology improves, savvy agents are getting more comfortable creating video content for their listings and personal brand. Social media platforms like Instagram Stories, facebook Live and Google Hangouts are making it easier to create & share content with different audiences.

Since video is

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How does an agent's mindset impact their success or failure? What is an agent's relationship to their own words, and how does this self-awareness (or lack thereof) affect others?  In this video, Keelan explores mindset challenges for entrepreneurs; in particular, discussing 10 mindset pitfalls that agents must avoid.

10 Mindset Pitfalls to Avoid:

1) Generally, when an agent is motivated by fear along with developing a list of "reasons" why certain realities occur in their life again & again, they get stuck in a rut. The agent believes in their reality, yet may NOT be willing to do something different in order to change things to achieve a different result in their business. Usually coupled with limited action on the part of the agent, along

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Top Reasons Agents Join Peak RealtyNot all companies are equal and not all real estate brokerages view the industry (and the world!) the same way. Here are just some of the reasons why agents are drawn to join Peak Realty. 

1) The culture of abundance, education, and positive interactions. There are no silos here. While every agent is an independent contractor, and ultimately responsible for the growth of their own business, we purposefully support each other’s learning and growth.

2) Coaching, training and masterminding are built in. Peak Realty keeps a low overhead so that agents can benefit from on site group sessions several times a week, as well as the opportunity to schedule private sessions for more in-depth training on specific areas needed for their business.


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Key Takeaways from Today's Sales Training:

  • Neurolinguistic programming, or “NLP”, is a means of more effectively communicating with our clients. Some of the areas we cover in this important talk are:
  • Getting into Rapport with clients
  • Once in rapport, how we approach using NLP
  • Importance of mindset and understanding the power of suggestion in your conversations with clients
  • Maintaining integrity when using NLP

Final Thoughts
Our job is help our clients gain clarity in the selling and buying process, and to help them get what they’ve said they want.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home, or pursuing a career in real estate, feel free to contact me at your convenience:  303-709-8778.

Keelan McCamey,

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Key Takeaways:      

  • Some real estate agents who get into the industry simply don’t like business networking. These agents may (shortsightedly) believe the following:
    • Networking events are mostly a waste of time
    • They may not believe they’re any good at networking with other business owner
    • They may think that the people at networking events are self-serving, or “smarmy” (I had to look up this word!)
    • Finally, agents may not believe they need any additional contacts above & beyond what they already have; as such, they’re comfortable with their current sphere and don’t want to take the time to continually build their database
  • Your mindset and attitude going into any lead generation activity is paramount. Business networking
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Key Takeaways:      

  • Some agents entering the real estate industry seem to defy conventional wisdom of what it takes to succeed. Why is this group of agents getting better results? We believe it has to do with how these agents run their brains; basically, their outlook and the actions they take on a daily basis.
  • In a popular Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, he talks about the Why, What and How of communication by both individuals and company brands alike. He claims that companies that begin with an aspirational “Why” before getting to the specifics of the “How” and “What” results in a better connection with clients. Once a meaningful connection is made, whatever detailed information about the product or service that gets communicated to the
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Key Takeaways:

  • There are a seemingly overwhelming number of lessons a real estate agent must learn in their first two years in the business. Often, an agent entering into their 2nd full year of the business will have some wins and some learning moments.
  • Over the years, we’ve heard the same themes pop up when it comes to an agent having regrets from their first year in the business. Here are a few of these things agents wish they could take back: 1) overwhelmed with shiny objects from the industry in the form of vendors selling the next great “fix”, 2) lack of consistency with lead generation, 3) following a system from Day 1 to keep in touch with people (ex. CRM), 4) not working with a mentor or coach, 5) choosing the wrong environment/brokerage,
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Key Takeaways:    

  • Branding and selling are equally important. How you obtain new business and serve clients, along with your branding, all work together in tandem to create the client experience you’re aiming for.  The messaging, look & feel of your company both offline and online make an impression. You can take this idea even further and argue that your allied resources and referral partners are an extension of your company’s brand.
  • While sales and branding are important, many new agents who try to make a splash in the industry get overwhelmed with all of the marketing and prospecting options available to them. As a result, many agents become frustrated and simply give up.
  • It’s important to get into relationship with a coach who
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Key Takeaways:      

  • Follow a process when creating content that includes a creative and efficient way to create new material. Reason for this is that just as much of your time will be spent repurposing the original content you created.
  • Whatever you do, have a content creation process that is repeatable and predictable.  It’s wise to follow a series of steps such that you can delegate this work to a marketing assistant later.
  • We must continually focus on what moves the needle in our businesses with lead generation. With that said, social media and online marketing is here to stay. The reality is that our potential clients are on the internet several hours/day. We must meet them where they are, providing value every single day. Creating a
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