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What can you expect when selling your home?

I've put together a Seller Guide to give you an overview of several things to consider when selling your most valuable asset.

Hiring a knowledgeable agent is at the top of the list since he or she will be able to more smoothly guide you through the process. Your Realtor should provide you with a detailed market analysis with comparable sold properties. Also, he or she should offer you information on the local market, selling costs, real estate contracts, advertising, marketing, potential legal pitfalls, setting list price, negotiations, moving, Realtor commissions and more. The agent should be an experienced guide...your Real Estate Sherpa, so to speak.  

With an experienced agent following a proven

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6 Key Steps of the Home Buying ProcessSTEP 1: Decide to Buy

You are ready to purchase a home. Now, you must identify what you want, why you want it and if you are financially ready to purchase. Below are a few questions to help you dig into this:

1. What are your future plans?
Do you anticipate starting a family? Perhaps you expect your family expand, or maybe you are scaling down and the kids are moving out to attend college. Whatever your future goals, it is wise to clearly articulate these goals so that you can identify the house that will meet your particular needs.

2. Do you have enough cash for a down payment?
Identify how much you can afford for a down payment. Remember, you will need to have Earnest Money (typically around 1% of the value of the home) accessible to submit

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3 Reasons Your Real Estate Offer Was Rejected

Buying real estate can be extremely emotional. After looking at several homes, you finally put an offer in on one. Truthfully, you probably have already "moved yourself in" to the home in your mind. Then you receive the news that your offer was not accepted.

The best case scenario is that you are presented with a counter offer and can get a better idea of why your offer was not appealing to the seller's. Worst case, you get no feedback. Wouldn't it be better to go into the process with an understanding of why offers to purchase real estate are often rejected? 

#1 The Price Offered Was Too Low

In our current market in the Denver Metro Area, it is not uncommon to see multiple offer situations on properties priced appropriately for the market. This

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From our Let's Talk Real Estate - Peak Realty podcast. There are lots of little things that can cause problems and delay a real estate closing. We explore some of these and have some fun talking about potential closing delays!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Have a great real estate team in place to watch your back!
  • We want to keep everything on track to close ON TIME. 
  • Delays in the close date can lose you $ (ex. extending an interest rate lock on your new loan; rescheduling movers, etc.). This can be stressful!
  • If you have back to back closings and the first one gets delayed, it can potentially put your 2nd deal in jeopardy...ouch!
  • Some other things to avoid while under contract:
    • Don't change jobs and if you have to, call your lender immediately
    • Try not to lose your job while under contract...sometimes this one is unavoidable, for sure.  Just know the lender will verify employment up to the close date
    • Avoid any big purchases
    • Basically, while under contract
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Key Takeaways:

  • There is a psychology behind staging a home. It’s the small details that add up to an overall impression that either positively or negatively influences the deal
  • The more a home appears to be well-maintained, the more buyers will be interested and maintain their interest after the deal goes under contract
  • Exterior items to consider addressing
    • Curb appeal (paint, siding, wood rot issues, roof condition, driveway)
    • Front door and doorbell
    • Lawn (dirt patches, weeds, dead tree branches, fresh mulch)
    • Screens
    • Window wells
    • Decking – stained and no broken boards or loose railings      
  • Interior items to address
    • Paint & Clean (walls, doors, trim) – Kilim Beigte by Sherwin Williams is a good
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Key Takeaways:

  • Often times, consumers and real estate agents alike tend to believe that the role of the agent is to merely take care of the transaction, and nothing more.  This is short-sighted! Top agents have known for years that adding value is all about the details and delighting the client at every stage of the selling or buying process.
  • There are two main areas where an agent can provide value. These include the professionalism of the agent in terms of how he or she conducts business operations (ex. communication, business processes, etc.), as well as any special 1-off service items the agent may include upfront as far as what’s included in their fee paid at closing.
  • Some special add-ons may include: HDR photography, 3D Virtual Tours,
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Key Takeaways:    

  • One of the first items to tackle when buying a home is talk to a lender to get a rate quote as well as a preliminary idea of what you might be able to afford, based on a variety of factors like income, debt, credit score, employment history, military service qualification, etc. After you find a lender you trust and they open a loan application with you, you’ll send them more financial documents (ex. W-2s, tax returns, pay stubs, etc.) to begin working toward obtaining a pre-approval. Usually, buyers focus on their desired monthly payment, then look for homes with their agent for that particular price range.
  • Depending on the market, how much $ you have for a down payment (and a number of other factors) your Realtor will
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Key Takeaways:

  • In a competitive seller’s market, at times in a multiple offer situation a buyer may offer to waive the inspection contingency.  This can be fine as long as the seller is aware of a few risks.
  • Even if the buyer waives inspection and agrees to pay for needed repairs, we still recommend that the buyer pay for a home inspection(s). Additionally, we suggest either one or both of the agents pay the cost of a 1 yr. home warranty for the new owner; this allows for the repair or replacement of certain mechanical items in the house that are covered by the warranty.      
  • In negotiations, anything that the seller agrees to fix goes on a form called the Inspection Resolution form.  This form is essentially part of the original
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