I’ve Got My Real Estate License, Now What?

Posted by Keelan McCamey on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 at 12:54pm.

Congrats! You’ve got your real estate license. The world is your oyster and nothing can stop you, right?

If you’re highly social, driven to succeed and commit to taking daily action toward your goals, you’ll launch your real estate career more effectively than most. Even with a great energy and work ethic, though, you’ll need a brokerage with sophisticated technical support and a structured environment to help you build your empire.

A brokerage that offers you the bare minimum won't serve you at the highest level since their intention is to do the least amount possible. Have you ever been in a relationship like this? It rarely ends up being something special in the long-term. Think about it this way: when it comes to culture, systems and professional training, is your brokerage offering powerful & easy-to-use tools that can grow with your business over time? Are you surrounding yourself with other like-minded real estate pros who share your values and aspirations?

To succeed in the years ahead, modern real estate brokerages should offer agents what is the equivalent of a Master’s degree in real estate, helping them master ALL aspects of the business.

When shopping for a brokerage, ask yourself: Are the agents at brokerage “x” aiming to be the best in the industry, just shooting for average, or flat out racing to the bottom when it comes to culture, standards and approach to client service? Are they trying to be the 'discounter' of real estate service, the 'Macy's' of the industry...maybe a version something else?  What client experience are they shooting for?

At Peak Realty, we’re all about client service, efficiency and offering more value at every step.  We do this for our clients, as well as our agents. To illustrate, consider some of the things we do for our agents in their first 5 days with us (below).

Agent On-boarding – Part I

From an administrative standpoint, what’s the first week look like at your new brokerage? How efficient is the on-boarding process?

Orientation – Part II

Boy, there are A LOT of items to take care of in Week 1 when it comes to being an agent. You’re the new CEO of your business and there’s much to do!

CE Credits – Part III

How and where will you keep current on CE credit classes required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission?

Office Locations – Part IV

Peak Realty runs a very lean operation and keeps a low overhead. This is one of the many ways we’re able to put $ back into the pockets of our agents, up to 25% of revenues to be exact!  Do other companies offer their agents this much in revenue share, or do the agents get nothing if the brokerage is not profitable? We've figured out a smart system where the brokerage doesn't get in-between an agent and the folks they bring to the company.

Final Thoughts

Agents are bombarded with choices and information for virtually every service possible. As a new or experienced agent, choosing a brokerage can feel like shooting in the dark. Wherever you decide to land, your new company should first and foremost have a positive and supportive culture, and offer the best online technology in the industry.

Considering a career in real estate?  Please consider calling for a confidential discussion about your goals:  303-709-8778.

Keelan McCamey
Managing Broker, Peak Realty

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