Is Your Realtor Adding Value?

Posted by Keelan McCamey on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 at 11:40am.

Key Takeaways:

  • Often times, consumers and real estate agents alike tend to believe that the role of the agent is to merely take care of the transaction, and nothing more.  This is short-sighted! Top agents have known for years that adding value is all about the details and delighting the client at every stage of the selling or buying process.
  • There are two main areas where an agent can provide value. These include the professionalism of the agent in terms of how he or she conducts business operations (ex. communication, business processes, etc.), as well as any special 1-off service items the agent may include upfront as far as what’s included in their fee paid at closing.
  • Some special add-ons may include: HDR photography, 3D Virtual Tours, professionally framed photograph of the home, a home book with tons of local information, home warranties, pre-inspections, staging (real or virtual), and cleaning/detailing services. Extras for marketing and prospecting to sell your home may include mailers, social media advertising, print ads, listing syndication to hundreds of websites, outbound calls to our Realtor Network, multi-day open house events, and more.
  • Communication is always the #1 issue with sellers, so we make certain we know upfront how the seller wants to communicate with us, as well as the showing service.
  • The agent is like the quarterback, and must effectively coordinate and ensure that all of the various aspects of the deal are handled with care. In essence, the agent should treat the deal as if it were their own home.

Is Your Real Estate Agent Adding Value?


Final Thoughts

Communication is key. Finding an experienced agent who pours over the details of selling your home is paramount. Also, the agent must have excellent problem-solving skills and bring you options to solve an array of potential problems…this is key!

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Keelan McCamey, Realtor
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