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Keelan McCamey, Realtor
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Winter can be a great time to sell your home in the Denver area.There are pros and cons to selling your home in any season and in any market. Winter can actually be a fantastic time to sell your home in the Denver area and here are five reasons why:

1) Regardless of the cooler weather, buyers are not backing out of the market. Demand remains at levels seen over the summer months.

2) Less homes are on the market,  leaving buyers with less options and strengthening the seller's market. The average days on market remains extremely low.

3) Bidding by multiple buyers is still prevalent and many homes are still selling at or over their asking price.

4) Buyers looking in the winter months are serious about finding a home. Many are driven to make decisions for tax purposes and the relocation market is not tied to

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From our Let's Talk Real Estate - Peak Realty podcast. There are lots of little things that can cause problems and delay a real estate closing. We explore some of these and have some fun talking about potential closing delays!

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Key Takeaways from Today's Sales Training:

  • Neurolinguistic programming, or “NLP”, is a means of more effectively communicating with our clients. Some of the areas we cover in this important talk are:
  • Getting into Rapport with clients
  • Once in rapport, how we approach using NLP
  • Importance of mindset and understanding the power of suggestion in your conversations with clients
  • Maintaining integrity when using NLP

Final Thoughts
Our job is help our clients gain clarity in the selling and buying process, and to help them get what they’ve said they want.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home, or pursuing a career in real estate, feel free to contact me at your convenience:  303-709-8778.

Keelan McCamey,

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Key Takeaways:

  • Have a great real estate team in place to watch your back!
  • We want to keep everything on track to close ON TIME. 
  • Delays in the close date can lose you $ (ex. extending an interest rate lock on your new loan; rescheduling movers, etc.). This can be stressful!
  • If you have back to back closings and the first one gets delayed, it can potentially put your 2nd deal in jeopardy...ouch!
  • Some other things to avoid while under contract:
    • Don't change jobs and if you have to, call your lender immediately
    • Try not to lose your job while under contract...sometimes this one is unavoidable, for sure.  Just know the lender will verify employment up to the close date
    • Avoid any big purchases
    • Basically, while under contract
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Key Takeaways:

  • There is a psychology behind staging a home. It’s the small details that add up to an overall impression that either positively or negatively influences the deal
  • The more a home appears to be well-maintained, the more buyers will be interested and maintain their interest after the deal goes under contract
  • Exterior items to consider addressing
    • Curb appeal (paint, siding, wood rot issues, roof condition, driveway)
    • Front door and doorbell
    • Lawn (dirt patches, weeds, dead tree branches, fresh mulch)
    • Screens
    • Window wells
    • Decking – stained and no broken boards or loose railings      
  • Interior items to address
    • Paint & Clean (walls, doors, trim) – Kilim Beigte by Sherwin Williams is a good
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Key Takeaways:      

  • Some real estate agents who get into the industry simply don’t like business networking. These agents may (shortsightedly) believe the following:
    • Networking events are mostly a waste of time
    • They may not believe they’re any good at networking with other business owner
    • They may think that the people at networking events are self-serving, or “smarmy” (I had to look up this word!)
    • Finally, agents may not believe they need any additional contacts above & beyond what they already have; as such, they’re comfortable with their current sphere and don’t want to take the time to continually build their database
  • Your mindset and attitude going into any lead generation activity is paramount. Business networking
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Key Takeaways:      

  • Some agents entering the real estate industry seem to defy conventional wisdom of what it takes to succeed. Why is this group of agents getting better results? We believe it has to do with how these agents run their brains; basically, their outlook and the actions they take on a daily basis.
  • In a popular Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, he talks about the Why, What and How of communication by both individuals and company brands alike. He claims that companies that begin with an aspirational “Why” before getting to the specifics of the “How” and “What” results in a better connection with clients. Once a meaningful connection is made, whatever detailed information about the product or service that gets communicated to the
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Key Takeaways:

  • There are a seemingly overwhelming number of lessons a real estate agent must learn in their first two years in the business. Often, an agent entering into their 2nd full year of the business will have some wins and some learning moments.
  • Over the years, we’ve heard the same themes pop up when it comes to an agent having regrets from their first year in the business. Here are a few of these things agents wish they could take back: 1) overwhelmed with shiny objects from the industry in the form of vendors selling the next great “fix”, 2) lack of consistency with lead generation, 3) following a system from Day 1 to keep in touch with people (ex. CRM), 4) not working with a mentor or coach, 5) choosing the wrong environment/brokerage,
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Key Takeaways:

  • Often times, consumers and real estate agents alike tend to believe that the role of the agent is to merely take care of the transaction, and nothing more.  This is short-sighted! Top agents have known for years that adding value is all about the details and delighting the client at every stage of the selling or buying process.
  • There are two main areas where an agent can provide value. These include the professionalism of the agent in terms of how he or she conducts business operations (ex. communication, business processes, etc.), as well as any special 1-off service items the agent may include upfront as far as what’s included in their fee paid at closing.
  • Some special add-ons may include: HDR photography, 3D Virtual Tours,
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