May 2016

Found 2 blog entries for May 2016.

Key Takeaways:

  • On a basic level, one can argue there are 4 types of real estate agents:  1) The Skeptic, 2) The Perfectionist, 3) The Dabbler, and the 4) The Warrior.  At first blush, which sounds like you?  Be honest.
  • When we become more self-aware, we can make adjustments to our mindset and improve our performance
  • As agents, we already have everything we need to be successful. We just have to learn to be more resourceful in gaining knowledge and knowing how and when to implement lessons learned. How we view the world…our mindset…can help or hinder this growth process
  • Self-awareness and a winning mindset is followed by action, results, then evaluation and refinement.  Rinse & repeat this process and we’ve got a recipe for continuous
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