February 2016

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How to Help Yourself

Win the Bidding War in a Seller's MarketWhether buying a home or doing a sell/buy, the first step is always the same: develop your financial strategy for the move and prepare as needed.

1. Get pre-qualified for a loan before you start looking at homes

Seems simple, yet if you’re a buyer submitting offers on well-price properties in the Denver market, you’ll likely be competing with other interested buyers.  A loan pre-approval (meaning, as a buyer you’ve gone further into the loan approval process with your lender by having them review your financial information) will help your cause in a multiple offer situation.

2. Hire a Buyer Agent / Realtor who knows the market AS WELL AS how to communicate effectively with the listing agent.

Again, seems simple yet it's

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8 Habits of a Good Enough Clean HomeWhen our family is on a schedule, and taking baby steps towards organization every day, things just go more smoothly. When our house is in order and clean, I am calmer and able to focus. When you have kids, this goal seems like climbing a mountain backwards dragging a sled of rocks back up the mountain with you. Here are 8 habits that allow me to keep everything "good enough" around our home and, in return, I get to keep a portion of my sanity.

1) Create a Command Center
Our Command Center is in the Kitchen and is really made up of the small stretch of counter space by the refrigerator.  It is there that all the "out the door" items are stored.  My purse, keys, wallets, phones, shopping lists, bills that need paid, etc.  Also in the kitchen area is a

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