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Curious what you can do to increase the amount you net on the sale of your home? Here are 7 strategies for a successful sale, whether you are in a balanced market, seller's market or buyer's market...these will help you sell your home faster and for more money.


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Organized Shelvs

At the beginning of the year I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Entreleadership and was inspired by an interview with David Allen. He wrote "Getting Things Done" and, although I have yet to read it, the concepts he discussed on the podcast inspired me to rework how I was keeping all of the areas of my life organized. I created my own version of the Weekly Review based on his discussion and it has been instrumental in keeping me sane. In this video, I explain a bit more about the "how" and "why" of working through my version of this process.

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video question mark peak realty

As agents, we're already so busy handling a million different things to get our clients to the closing table. Do we really have time to create video content??  Many agents say "No"!  Some common objections to creating video content are:


  • Lack of technical experience
  • Don't like the way they look on camera
  • Seems overly complicated
  • Difficult to track ROI
  • Too expensive
  • No time to create content

Technology & Message

Agent Video Peak RealtyAs technology improves, savvy agents are getting more comfortable creating video content for their listings and personal brand. Social media platforms like Instagram Stories, facebook Live and Google Hangouts are making it easier to create & share content with different audiences.

Since video is

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3 Reasons Your Real Estate Offer Was RejectedBuying real estate can be extremely emotional. After looking at several homes, you finally put an offer in on one. Truthfully, you probably have already "moved yourself in" to the home in your mind. Then you receive the news that your offer was not accepted.

The best case scenario is that you are presented with a counter offer and can get a better idea of why your offer was not appealing to the seller's. Worst case, you get no feedback. Wouldn't it be better to go into the process with an understanding of why offers to purchase real estate are often rejected? 

#1 The Price Offered Was Too Low

In our current market in the Denver Metro Area, it is not uncommon to see multiple offer situations on properties priced appropriately for the

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How does an agent's mindset impact their success or failure? What is an agent's relationship to their own words, and how does this self-awareness (or lack thereof) affect others?  In this video, Keelan explores mindset challenges for entrepreneurs; in particular, discussing 10 mindset pitfalls that agents must avoid.

10 Mindset Pitfalls to Avoid:

1) Generally, when an agent is motivated by fear along with developing a list of "reasons" why certain realities occur in their life again & again, they get stuck in a rut. The agent believes in their reality, yet may NOT be willing to do something different in order to change things to achieve a different result in their business. Usually coupled with limited action on the part of the agent, along

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If you are still paying someone else's mortgage each month, this information is for you!


Also, if you are on the fence about purchasing a home of your own, here is a visual of the cost of waiting to buy in our current market. We don't anticipate prices to level out for many years and even longer before we will possibly see a market shift in the Buyer's favor.

Jen Allen - The Cost of Waiting

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The Big Moving Checklist

The Big Moving Checklist covers over 100 checkpoints that you should be aware of starting 8 weeks before your move and ending the day you move into your next home.

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When my friend Gavin Higashi asked if he could interview me because I am a positive person, I was flattered and excited to share what I have learned. I think that a lot of people that see those of us that display a positive demeanor sometimes think we are simple, ignorant, lucky, etc. I know that for most people that look on the bright side of life, it is a combination of daily choices and actions...and I would like to share some ideas and links to great resources with you! In addition, I have sprinkled images throughout this post of items I have in my home office and at the end of this post is a bonus song list of mood & mindset altering music I enjoy.

What you consume (in your body and brain), who you surround yourself with, and your daily

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Mortgage Lender

The mortgage lender you choose in this market is one of the most important factors in making sure you have a smooth transaction. Do you know what to look for in a good lender, and which lenders actually can get you all the way to closing with the least amount of stress? I do!

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