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Click here for the full PDF Printable of the 2017 Rockies Schedule.

2017 Colorado Rockies Schedule

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In a recent post I claimed that feng shui isn't all about rearranging people's furniture but I do have to admit, I usually do rearrange people's furniture. And why? Well, because the furniture is usually blocking the flow of chi (meaning energy) or the furniture is putting the person who uses it in a weak position. As a Feng Shui Realtor, my job is to get the chi flowing so that my clients are in a position of protection and power.

When there is a piece of furniture that obstructs a door, window, natural walk way or path to a place it simply must be moved. Chi is always flowing and it enters through the front door of your house and it needs to circulate freely in order to touch each of the nine guas, if not, it becomes "blocked" by the furniture and

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When I tell people that I am a Feng Shui Realtor. They usually smile, nod and then say, what is Feng Shui? There are many definitions out there, literally feng shui means wind and water but a I like to describe it as the art of bringing science and intuition together to create a harmonious living environment that supports the growth and wellbeing of all who live in it. You see the things that are closest to us most affect us and they are our thoughts, home and food. In feng shui we cover the home portion.

One of the most important components of feng shui is the bagua map. The bagua map is used to find out which part of your home correlates with a particular life situation. There are essentially 9 categories that any situation falls under and they are:

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If you are still paying someone else's mortgage each month, this information is for you!


Also, if you are on the fence about purchasing a home of your own, here is a visual of the cost of waiting to buy in our current market. We don't anticipate prices to level out for many years and even longer before we will possibly see a market shift in the Buyer's favor.

Jen Allen - The Cost of Waiting

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The Big Moving Checklist

The Big Moving Checklist covers over 100 checkpoints that you should be aware of starting 8 weeks before your move and ending the day you move into your next home.

Download this easy to follow guide here or click the image above!


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When my friend Gavin Higashi asked if he could interview me because I am a positive person, I was flattered and excited to share what I have learned. I think that a lot of people that see those of us that display a positive demeanor sometimes think we are simple, ignorant, lucky, etc. I know that for most people that look on the bright side of life, it is a combination of daily choices and actions...and I would like to share some ideas and links to great resources with you! In addition, I have sprinkled images throughout this post of items I have in my home office and at the end of this post is a bonus song list of mood & mindset altering music I enjoy.

What you consume (in your body and brain), who you surround yourself with, and your daily

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Being new to Colorado I'm always venturing out and exploring nearby cities. With majestic mountain scenery all around, it's fun being out and about. So when the Broomfield library accidently held my book at the Louisville library, I drove right on over to Louisville and discovered that I when I moved to Colorado from Brazil I had moved to the wrong city!

I instantly fell in love with this place, the feel of the town! Me+Louisville= Perfect Match.

Since then, nearly every Sunday my husband and I go on a morning date to a cute little coffee shop in downtown Louisville called Bittersweet. Just so you know, there are literally tons of cute, quaint coffee shops in the downtown area, I just happened to go to this one first and don't feel like going

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Mortgage Lender

The mortgage lender you choose in this market is one of the most important factors in making sure you have a smooth transaction. Do you know what to look for in a good lender, and which lenders actually can get you all the way to closing with the least amount of stress? I do!

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Click here for the full PDF Printable of the Kids Eat Free locations.

Kids Eat Free

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